Introducing… A Domestic Goddess

Vanessa - Individual, Wife, Mom, Friend

Vanessa – Individual, Wife, Mom, Friend…

Introducing… Me

Greetings! I’m Vanessa, a 30-something “Domestic Goddess” (a.k.a. Stay at Home Mom). I think I’m a pretty awesome person (though sometimes I forget). Most likely, you are a pretty rad human being as well. I find something gratifying in the fact that we are all connected as people and we all want to be loved. Connection to others is something that I crave deeply so I seek community in the many things I do: fitness (running, yoga, Ultimate Frisbee), parenting, nutrition, and blogging (to name a few).

Why This Blog?

I began a topical blog last summer and discovered that I find satisfaction in writing, telling stories, expressing my views, and getting feedback from a community of people. After much thought, I decided to transition away from the topical blog to this new blog. I chose the fairly generic blog name Dreaming in Earth Tones, allowing me the freedom to take my blog in new directions as I change and grow. “Dreaming in Earth Tones” does hint at a few things about me: I prefer a wardrobe of earth tones (browns, greens, oranges); I enjoy nature; I want to promote growth in myself and others; and I often wear rose-colored glasses. Also, I consider myself pretty “down to earth” and that’s how I chose my current tagline: Aspiring to live. Healthy. Grateful. Simple.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I have a lot in store for readers who travel along on my journey. Follow my blog (sign up on the top right) and stay tuned for posts about wellness, family life, food and much more!


I am participating in the Blogging 101: Zero to Hero Challenge. This post was Day 1: Introduce Yourself.

12 thoughts on “Introducing… A Domestic Goddess

    • Well thanks so much for saying I blog good stuff 🙂 “Domestic Goddess” is such a glamorous name, I know I have not reached my potential in this role yet… lots of improvements to be made!


  1. Great start! Good looking family! Love down to earth people. It all looks good. I change my theme once in a while. Recently changed because what I had was more photography related. I want to write a little more so changed to what I have now.

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