A Wish Met and Training Unleashed

Just a few days ago I wrote a post called Can I Get a Day Off? That question was just begging the following cliché statement…

file000874288359Be Careful What You Wish For!

Four hours after hitting the “Publish” button for the blog post welcoming a mental health day, wouldn’t you know it, I got a nasty bout of food poisoning that forced me to have the most terrible kind of sick day. Oh, the irony.

On Monday, between the hours of 2am and 8pm, I spent 99% of  my time in bed or hanging over the toilet. I’ll spare you the projectile, dehydrating, and exhausting details.

chiliNow I will say, I was SO hesitant to eat those chili leftovers from my fridge. I didn’t just fear the original spice, I sensed something was off about this 3 day old chili… should I not be eating 3 day old leftovers??? Yeah, I didn’t think so! Why oh why did I ignore the intuitive voice saying, “Something isn’t right with that chili!” and instead listen to the heedless voice that said, “Oh Vanessa, let’s not be wasteful”!?! Oh, don’t worry, I have since thrown out almost everything from my fridge. And luckily, I didn’t let my overly frugal ways lead anyone else to sickness. But my family certainly suffered the loss of not having me as a resource for the entire day…whoops.

Training Unleashed

Unleashing the speed within

Unleashing the speed within

Being confined to my bed for the day also affected the official start of my training plan in order for me to reach my running goals. Despite my week getting off to an uneasy start, I have hit the ground running once again and I am regaining my strength.

I have been building up my mileage over the past few months and starting this week, I am officially kicking off a training plan I found from Coach Jay Johnson out of Boulder, Colorado.

Here is his 5K running plan and below are some complimentary videos that will help implement the plan:

As I unleash the speed within me once again, let me know if you want to join me on this running adventure by running together, supporting each other virtually with our respective running goals, or _________________ (you fill in the blank).

6 thoughts on “A Wish Met and Training Unleashed

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  2. Vanessa, I love you, but I was never designed to run!! Swim yes, bounce, yes, but the running gene just isnt there, unless hurdles are involved, then I become a little bit good. But I send you huge support, because I have great admiration for those of the running persuasion. 🙂

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