Though I try to let go and not care what others think, I am a people pleaser to the core. You don’t even have to communicate what you want, I KNOW what you want… OK, I truly have no idea, but I can certainly spend all my time making tons of assumptions and worrying about it, and I do.

For example, my overgrown garden beds and weed-filled yard… I am certain that the millions of dandelion seeds that blow from my yard are the many reasons my neighbors haven’t wanted to get to know me for the past 5 1/2 years. But, instead of actually making real improvements, I occasionally make a half-hearted attempt to weed or prune or… who am I kidding, I know nothing about yard work or gardening. And I hate my yard. Perhaps it’s time to give in and pay someone to fix it up, that way it would actually get done… and in this case it wouldn’t just please my neighbors, it would please me.

2014-05-03 17.07.05

Garden Guilt

12 thoughts on “Garden Guilt

  1. I’m glad you want to fix it up for YOU! And if you don’t like gardening then paying someone else to do it is a great idea! I have experienced many of the same thoughts you have expressed here!

    I like your post, your pictures and your blogroll!

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    • I actually like yard work. The problem is, I feel ill equipped to set up my yard in a nice way… essentially, I don’t feel like I can design my yard or know each of the steps that I need to do to get to an end result. I often stand frozen in my ignorance and I am not motivated to learn it all on my own… thanks for your input, your encouragement is much appreciated 🙂


  2. Simple, but powerful. I love to garden , although I’m no pro at it. I just enjoy the view when I go outside. Looking forwards to your adventures!

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    • Thanks for stopping by Brittany 🙂 Even though I am gonna have someone else landscape my yard I am gonna have a cookie! I am gonna be on a cookie kick because of you 😉



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