Time to Dream Again #10

Hey there long lost friends. I have been wandering about as of late. But as I was journaling recently, I decided I would ponder my top ten dreams that I have not yet attained. Without judging myself or my motivations, I have thought of 10 dreams. Some of these dreams feel unattainable to me while some feel perhaps a bit too small. Over the course of various posts, I would love to share my dreams with you.

10. Backpack Around Europe

I would love the opportunity to travel by train, bus and foot around Europe. I went to Norway and Latvia as a college student and thoroughly enjoyed the outdoors, the culture and the overall experience. This time around I want to go on my own or with my honey and explore (separate from an organized group). On the top of my list to visit are Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, and Italy. I would also love to make it back to Norway, so far it is my favorite place in the world!

Project Dream Norgerstur 245

Norway – My happy place 🙂




Next time I will share about dream #9. Until then, dream big friends.


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